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Special Features

TTC Special: Coastal areas are healthier for live


  TTC Service.- With their unique turquoise waters and white sand beaches plus their colorful and warmth local population, Caribbean islands have it all for people yearning a healthier life style. Living close to the sea is better for the health and a study by the University of Exeter, UK, ...

TTC Special.- Watering the Caribbean

Water Caribbean

  TTC Service.- With water scarcity as a growing menace, the Caribbean needs legislations to protect and preserve this irreplaceable resource. Rationing and recycling water, that is, treating and collecting wastewater to operate toilets, for example, could even function as a promotion for destinations. Being green is an appealing hook ...

TTC Special: Boring? Try a romance in the wild


  TTC Service.- Romancing in the wild may be one of the cheapest and healthier therapies for couples to reconnect with themselves and their partners and nature, of course. The treatment is working for Britons.

Special TTC: Quietness? Only in Cape Town

Cape Town

TTC Service.- What does Cape Town have in common with Melbourne, Saint Petersburg, Paris, New Delhi and other 15 key tourist destinations around the globe? Nothing according to ReviewPro. The leading provider of online reputation and social media analytics for hotels found out that the South African city stands out ...

TTC Special: Reconciling Tourism and Environmental Preservation

Caribbean Beach

  TTC Service.- Islands and particularly small islands, with their unique and some times exotic charm, have historically been one of the most sought after tourism destinations. When travelers think of beaches, sun, easygoing people, and quasi virgin territories with breathtaking landscapes, the picture that often comes to their minds ...

TTC Special: A Whole New Accessible World for the Disabled

Disabled tourists

TTC Service.- Full access to tourism is what people with disabilities deserve. And by approving and endorsing the UNWTO recommendations on “Accessible Tourism for All” (2013), the UN General Assembly is opening a whole new world for the disabled. If taken into consideration by tourism stakeholders, those recommendations can widen ...