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Special Features

TTC Special: Illicit drugs attract AIDS

TTC Service.- Illicit drugs are incompatible with human health. These substances are also incompatible with tourism, sex, and are allies of the terrible AIDS.

TTC Special: Tourism: We can travel in a yellow submarine

One of the advantages of military submarines is that they are invisible to the human eye. Paradoxically, a special tourist submarine, yellow, blue or black, can offer landscapes that few humans can see in their daily lives. That characteristic is what determines that such vessels are increasingly successfully in the ...

New Opportunities for Casa de Campo, Caribbean’s Leading Golf Resort

Interview with Mr. Rafael Torres, president of Casa de Campo resort With 20 years of experience in the hotel business, Mr. Rafael Torres has been appointed president of Casa de Campo resort by the Council of Directors of the Central Romana Corporation, Ltd. In an exclusive interview for TTC, the ...

TTC Special: Would it be good for the Caribbean legalizing marijuana?

TTC Special: Marijuana is a dangerous wager for the Caribbean

TTC Service.- Certain questions are difficult to answer. Maybe one of them is: Would it be good for the Caribbean legalizing marijuana?. It is that some regional governments wonder after that in some parts of the United States and other countries of the world the weed was legalized for medicinal ...

TTC Special: Good business in Havana

TTC Service.- International trade fairs worldwide are now an essential business tool not only for entrepreneurs willing to know more markets but also for the economies of the organizers. The trade fairs are also essential tools in order to combat global economic crises.

TTC Special: A good chance for treasure hunters

TTC Service.- In April of 2011, a chance  encounter with a fisherman has led one team of treasure hunters to discover what they believe was the oldest shipwreck in the Caribbean. In the place, located off the Dominican Republic coast, Captain Billy Rawson and his crew had uncovered 700 silver ...