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TTC Special Super cruises are great economic solutions

TTC Service.- An old adage says that big problems require big solutions. The giant cruise ships that dominate that millionaire tourism business seem to be solutions to the global crisis in that branch. One of the largest cruise liners ever built will debut in Australian waters next year.

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TTC Special: Climate changes in the Caribbean: NO time to loose

TTC Service.- A  warning of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre that provides climate change-related policy advice and guidelines to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states, said recently that the two dozen island nations of the Caribbean, and the 40 million people who live there, are in a state of ...

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TTC Special: A small tourist revolution in the Caribbean

TTC Service.- “This is my revolution” explained recently Val Kempadoo, a 52-year-old Trinidadian entrepreneur who opened in St Kitts and Nevis a hotel seeking social objectives such as “sustainability”, “eco-friendly” and “social responsibility”.

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