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TTC Special: Golf: Good news for global tourism industry

In golf when a player hits the ball directly into the hole with just one stroke make an excellent "hole in one". The global golf tourism market could make its "hole in one" during 2021-2025 when according to experts will grow annually in spite of pandemic times

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TTC special: 2022: Omicron under worldwide attack

TTC Special. Caribbean: Increasingly worry about Covid-19

The two pillars of current hopes for the elimination of the global epidemic are vaccines and preliminary studies of the new modality that suggest it is "controllable" in the short term and milder in terms of consequences for patients

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TTC Special: Caribbean measures on Omicron extended to 2022

Caribbean tourism industry

By Frank Martin Royal Caribbean International announced that it has stopped accepting new reservations for its cruises that leave in early January because of a precaution about Ómicron, the new form of the coronavirus. Only hours before the end of the old year in Caribbean region or around the world ...

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TTC Special: Omicron: Will the quarantines return?

The world is carefully analyzing the long-term consequences of Omicron. That’s because the impetuous variant of SARS-CoV-2 could delay the advance of the vaccine-driven global reopening for longer than anticipated. In fact, quarantines have already returned to some countries

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