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Special Features

TTC Special: More Safety & Security at the Caribbean

TTC Service.- Tourism is a global and intensely competitive industry. It’s also true that the tourism industry is vulnerable not only to economic crises but also to natural disasters and even to outbreaks of warfare and epidemics.

TTC Special: Agro-tourism is crucial to the Caribbean

TTC Service.- Agriculture  is still crucial for all countries, but especially for those with tourism-based economies. The Caribbean is a region that not only needs agriculture to feed its population, but also to lower the costs of its tourism industry.

TTC Special. Cuba: Magical, mystery tour for Yankees

TTC Service.- Sail for Cuba from Jamaica, or take a charter to Havana and leave for Montego Bay surely  will  be a magical and mysterious trip for a “Yankee”, after more than a half century unable to legally enjoy holidays in Cuba.

TTC Special: Tourism: Introducing the Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas

TTC Service.- Lions, elephants, rhinos, sharks, dolphins, turtles, tigers and other animals are legendary and very attractive to tourists, who pay to see them and even interact with them both in habitat and large sanctuaries that cannot be called zoos for its spectacular size.

TTC Special: The Caribbean was a tourist paradise in 2014

TTC Service.- The Caribbean islands confirmed in 2014 that are currently one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world when received 26.3 million passengers, which also spent more money on their holidays in the region.