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Special Features

TTC Announces “XX Anniversary of TTC” Contest

TTC Travel Trade Caribbean is announcing its “XX Anniversary of TTC” contest as part of the program of activities for its 20 years of foundation, an anniversary that will be celebrated in the context of FITCuba 2016, in Havana.

TTC XX Anniversary Review

With the development of tourism to Cuba, the media specializing in tourism started getting interested in being present on the island. The Italian market, which always displayed great interest in Cuba, its politics and the incipient tourist development, approached that reality through one of its most important publications of the ...

TTC Special: The sun provides not only heat but electricity in the Caribbean

TTC Service.- “The vision of a green and eco-friendly energy supply in the Caribbean turns into reality”, estimated the British EPC company PV Energy Limited (London, UK) after announced a 3MW Caribbean pioneer airport solar PV officially inaugurated on February 25th in Antigua and Barbuda.

TTC Special: New US-Cuba agreement boosts bilateral tourism

TTC Service.- A bilateral agreement signed last week in Havana that will permit US airlines to operate up to 110 flights per day between United States and Cuba, should encourage more Americans to travel to the former forbidden Island, although even these trips are illegal under embargo applies by Washington ...

TTC Bulletin: Continues to grow worldwide animal cruelty as a tourist spectacle

TTC Service.- In Portland Aquarium, Oregon more than 200 marine animals died recently in a three-month period. Many of the deaths were the result of starvation and other forms of neglect. In Marineland, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, more than 40 whales and dolphins have died at the theme park. Marineland ...