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TTC Special. 2016: A year of fighting the climate change in the Caribbean

TTC Service.- The Caribbean tourism industry has on its agenda for 2016 the fundamental purpose of mitigating the effects of climate change, a major threat to island economies. Regional governments anxiously followed the climate conference in December in Paris and supported their agreements. The subject specialists wonder if the Caribbean ...

TTC Special: Underwater hotels appears to be a complex idea

TTC Service.- “Get on your snorkel and take a peek at these crazy underwater hotels, from Dubai to the Maldives”, recently announced a tourism website on the Internet. The idea is probably crazy, but is it good?

46 Years Dancing with Van Van

This December 4, Van Van, a band known as The Train of Cuban Music, turn 46 years old. The band, a member of Clave Cubana’s catalog, Artex’s artistic representation agency, celebrated this new anniversary with a mega concert slated for La Tropical’s Salon Rosado, an Artex’s cultural center located in ...