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TTC Special: It is right to bet on national tourism?

The national or internal tourism has surprised specialists so far in 2022 by showing that 87% of those occasional travelers prefer to travel within their own countries. At least this happens in some  tourists emitting destinations, such as the United States and certain European countries, despite all the heavy obstacles on market

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TTC Special: Caribbean tourism needs more “unity”

The World Travel and Tourism Council, WTTC, defended a substantial "improvement" in unity of governments and private sector around tourism at regional levels, including the Caribbean, in order to create 1.34 million of tourism jobs in coming years

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Special TTC: Tourism: Please, more Music for restart

It's official: Jamaica optimism about coronavirus

By Frank Martin The Caribbean Sea islands like other worldwide destinations have deployed their most effective tools to promote the reopening of tourism, including music. One of the master keys of the global tourism industry that is resurfacing are the music festivals that were suspended by the dozens when confinement ...

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