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Cuba, a Favorite Tourist Destination

Cuba, a Favorite Tourist Destination

In an interview with TTC, Cuban First Deputy Minister of Tourism Alexis Trujillo Morejón speaks about the Cuban tourist sector’s projection and the presence of the German market in the Cuba destination.

TTC Special: Canadians still prefer the Caribbean despite declines in arrivals

Analysts agree that the main reason why Canadians prefer the Caribbean is the natural heat in the region which contrasts with the intense winter cold in their country. They also like other Caribbean virtues, such as the hospitality, the joy and the average comfort of their hotels and accommodations.

TTC Special: Buy your own island now but preserve it

One might think that the only requirement to achieve such a dream is to have a lot of money. But conservation nonprofits Trust and governments are stepping into the market to scoop up the islands in order to preserve it.