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Special Features

TTC Special: FitCuba 2017 in its best year

The prestigious International Tourism Fair of Cuba 2017 is celebrated in one of its best years, enjoying a boom of that national sector, which already lasts two years.

TTC Special: CARIFESTA, one of the best ideas that came from the Caribbean

The foundation of Carifesta was a very good idea of the Caribbean region, something that is demonstrated each year with the native culture of dances, music, food and national drinks that this festival unfolds for the benefit of tourism and also the residents of the area's tropical islands.

TTC Special. St Lucia: From China with love

TTC Special: Caribbean welcomes China

The small Caribbean island of St. Lucia awaits a great message of love from China in response to a beautiful pearl that will give away to Chinese tourists.

TTC Special: Caribbean region face potential trade storm

TTC Service.-One of the strongest commercial hurricanes that could face the Caribbean in the immediate future is the one that potentially provokes the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU).