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TTC Special:  Caribbean tourism needs “revenge trips”

Is really a revenge trip an act of tourists to make up for lost time due to the global pandemic? Experts don’t know the answer but are sure that this kind of trips could be good for global tourist destinations thirsty for resources to regain the rhythm of their economies after Covid-19 very hart epidemy

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TTC Special: Cultural tourism is a reopening engine

When the Caribbean wakes up from a nightmare, the pandemic, its tourism industry looks for more options and the cultural one appears as crucial. The Caribbean is much more than turquoise waters, beaches, gastronomy and adventures

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TTC Special: Climate Change is a Crucial Issue for Global Tourism

By Frank Martin The Covid-19 pandemic is receding, but for the world and the tourism industry another dangerous and complex goal remains active: a winning battle against climate change. Experts argue that this type of war needed to protect nature may not be successful if it is not addressed now. ...

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