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Salsa Comes to Havana in November


The International Meeting of Casino, Salsa Dancers and Dance Academies, Baila en Cuba (Dance in Cuba), organized by Paradiso, Artex S.A.’s cultural tourism agency, is scheduled to take place in Havana, on November20 – 26, 2016, dedicated to musical genre Danzon.

Since the very beginning, Baila en Cubahas aimed at fostering the main Cuban casino-related dance rhythms,by means of master lectures and theoretical-practical workshops given by prestigious professors from the Higher Art Institute and supported by a group of Cuban instructors that have been previously chosen by the Organizing Committee.

Dancers from Germany, Canada, Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean, who regularly participate in this culturalprogram, are joined by other enthusiasts interested in this new edition of Baila en Cuba. They’ll all come together to be given dance lessons, enjoy night concerts with the most prestigious Cuban bands and participate in dancing-couple contests.

Benny Moré Salón Rosado de La Tropical, Artex’s cultural center, is slated to host the concerts and Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco and prestigious guests will be in charge of the opening ceremony.

Each concert is going to be characterized by a motif, depending on the performing band:the day dedicated to La timba joven (Young Timba) will count on JG y su grupo and Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor; Los 15 de Pupy (Pupy’s 15) will have Ng La Banda and other guest musicians joining Pupy y los que Son Son band to celebrate its 15th anniversary;the Knight of Son Adalberto Alvarez, accompanied by other musicians, is set to give a Para bailar casino concert night and Van Van with Alexander Abreu y Habana D´Primera will be giving a show to reassert Havana’s status as Wonder City.

Besides the Meeting’s official schedule, Paradiso gives dancers an optional –Baila en Cuba Plus-which includes an overnight stay at an All Inclussive four-star hotel in Varadero,so they can enjoy a night concert dedicated to the presence of women in salsa (La mujer en la salsa)with women’s bands Anacaona, Tania Pantoja y su grupo, among other guests.

Baila en Cubais the perfect opportunity to learn Cuban salsa, as well as other rhythms, enjoy performances by the best Cuban music bands and guest dance academies.

As for registration, contact Paradiso agency by writing to gerente_ventas@paradis.artex.cu or calling (+53) 7836 2124.

Web site: www.paradisonline.com /www.bailaencuba.com/ www.paradiso.es

Facebook: Paradiso Promotora de Turismo Cultural