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Russia maintains interest in cooperation with Latin America

Photo: Mrcolo/Pixabay.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that his country does not see Latin America as a platform for geopolitical games and is more interested in depoliticized cooperation with its nations and peoples than with individual governments, Prensa Latina highlighted.

“In relations with Latin America, Russia has never built its actions based on which government is in power,” said the Russian foreign minister in an interview published this Wednesday by the RT channel.

He expressed Moscow’s interest in developing friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation with countries and peoples and not with one or another government depending on its preferences.

“Unlike the United States, we don’t see Latin America as a field for someone’s geopolitical games,” he said.

The Russian official assured that Russia works with all countries and subregional organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, without exception, ties that, he said, are based on depoliticized bilateral relations.

According to Lavrov, at present the main directions of these exchanges take place in the spheres of high technology, energy, agriculture, space, nuclear energy, medicine and health.

He highlighted that several Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Nicaragua have already received the technology for the production of Russian vaccines.

The head of Russian diplomacy indicated that increased contacts with counterparts in the region will promote broader and more comprehensive cooperation in the field of pharmaceuticals, health and medicine.

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