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Rainforest Adventures wins accolades in Costa Rica

According to the Rainforest Alliance, Earth University and Costa Rican Tourism Institute, two parks in  the Central America country are the model for best practices in the world when it comes to sustainable development and operations.

San Jose, Costa Rica.- The Rainforest Adventures parks, two nature parks, offer fun things to do in Costa Rica on both coasts like aerial trams, ziplining, butterfly gardens and Costa Rica jungle hikes and treks, the focus of management has always been on sustainability to ensure the conservation of the environment they operate in.

Rainforest Adventures has undertaken a number of initiatives to help protect the environment, engage with local residents, and educate guests on the importance of sustainability practices. And, many of these initiatives started during to construction of the first park, Costa Rica Atlantic, in 1994.

Both Pacific and Atlantic parks have on-going practices in place to reduce the impact on the environment on a day-to-day basis, including park-wide environmental management systems and an extensive recycling program for both guests and staff.

The environmental management system includes: an energy savings plan where all electricity is measured and reduced whenever possible, thereby reducing the reliance on bio-diesel; a management plan for liquid and solid waste generated in parks; a water saving plan that involves water-saving taps, urinals and toilets; and a response plan for the care and management of potential spills.