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Point of View: Caribbean tourism body urges environmental action

Caribbean tourism body urges environmental action

Tourism is the main support of caribbean economies. Photo: Iakov Kalinin/123rf

CNC Business, Cayman News 

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), which represents one of the world’s most vulnerable regions to the escalating effects of climate change, is urging regional nations to support and adopt the Paris Agreement on climate change.

In the wake of the US president’s decision pull out of the global agreement that aims to reduce man’s negative impact on the environment, CHTA urged countries, businesses and residents in the Caribbean to do their part to combat these impacts and keep the region safe, secure and viable, given its front line position.

In a recent scientific report, Caribbean Marine Climate Change, scientists warned of the region’s particular vulnerabilities and said that the negative impacts on reefs and rising sea levels in our region are coming sooner that people realize.

In a press release following the US withdrawal from the Paris accord, the CHTA stated, “The socio-economic consequences from rising sea levels and temperatures, increasingly violent storms and severe droughts, oil spills, mismanagement of waste, and coral bleaching are having mounting consequences, and left unchecked threaten the very viability of the region’s economies and societies, and the health and welfare of Caribbean people.”

Tourism-related enterprises are increasingly adopting policies and practices aimed at preserving, protecting and enhancing the environment, not least because it is important to the Caribbean’s own self-interests with millions of visitors enjoying the incredible natural beauty the region offers, CHTA noted, as it urged people to stay committed to reducing carbon footprints.

Source: Cayman News