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Point of View: Italian travel writer names what she seems to be Cuba’s Best 31 Beaches

Point of View: Italian travel writer names what she seems to be Cuba's Best 31 Beaches

Cayo Jutía, Cuba. Photo: eastfrisian/123rf

by Susana Corona, cubaholidays.co.uk

Self-confessed Cuba expert and wander luster, Claudia Tavani, the travel writer behind the blog My Adventures Across the World, has named what she considers to be Cuba´s 31 best beaches. In an article published on her travel site, she lists and describes what she calls “31 Incredibly Beautiful Cuban Beaches”. Here we echo her words to let you in on what she seems to be Cuba´s finest shorelines and beachscapes.

It’s not easy to impress Sardinia-raised, Claudia Tavani, who spent her childhood and teenagehood revelling in some of the world’s most dazzling beaches. As an islander herself and someone who grew up surrounded by the most crystalline shorelines, it’s not easy to convince her that any beach is better or more beautiful than those in her native Sardinia. She has been to the Maldives, she has been to Thailand, she has been to Bali, she has been to the Dominican Republic, she has even been to Antigua and for all of its 365 beaches worth she wasn’t even that impressed; she didn’t find them to be that special. Talk about Cuba however and she concedes that the majority of the island’s beaches “are simply gorgeous”, even to a self-declared beach expert like her.

After touring the island and getting acquainted with an impressively long list of Cuba beaches, Tavani recently wrote an article listing “The 31 Best Beaches in Cuba”, according to her. Here, we share her list with you and let you in on far more Cuban coastal beauties that you probably were aware of. In fact, many Cubans won’t probably be familiar with at least half of the beaches mentioned in Tavani’s list.

In Matanzas, you will, of course, find the ultra-popular and quintessential Varadero mentioned, and that´s despite the tourist crowds and the fact that it´s nowadays lined by over 50 hotels and resorts. Still, it more than 20 kilometres of turquoise shoreline maintains its beauty and allure as fresh as ever.

In Tavani’s list you’ll find some of the most popular and developed Cuban beaches, which means that whatever the amount of development you throw at them it doesn’t diminish their beauty (at least not yet) as well as some perfectly secluded beach coves where you’ll hardly come across another soul.

If you’re a serious beach-bum and self-confessed beach lover, next time you go on Cuba holidays you should aim to check off as many as you can from this list:

Cayo Jutias in Pinar del Rio

Maria La Gorda in Pinar del Rio

Cayo Levisa in Pinar del Rio

Playas del Este in Havana

Bahia de Cochinos in Matanzas

Playa Los Cocos in Matanzas

Playa Giron in Matanzas

Caleta Buena in Matanzas

Playa Larga in Matanzas

Varadero in Matanzas

Playa Coral in Matanzas

Rancho Luna in Cienfuegos

Punta La Cueva in Cienfuegos

Playa Ancon in Sancti Spiritus

Cayo Blanco in Sancti Spiritus

Playa Los Cocos in Camaguey

Playa Santa Lucia in Camaguey

Cayo Sabinal in Camaguey

Playa Pesquero in Holguin

Guardalavaca in Holguin

Playa Blanca in Holguin

Playa Caletones in Holguin

Playa Los Bajos in Holguin

Playa de Morales in Holguin

Playa Cazonal in Santiago de Cuba

Playa Siboney in Santiago de Cuba

Playa Nava in Baracoa, Guantanamo

Playa Maguana in Baracoa, Guantanamo

Playa Paraiso in Cayo Largo del Sur

Playa Los Flamencos in Cayo Coco

Playa Pilar in Cayo Guillermo