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Peru: Government approve the creation of Amazon rainforest National Park

Sierra del Divisor

Sierra del Divisor

Lima.- The Peruvian government will approve the creation of the 3,347,005-acre national park at Sierra del Divisor, protecting an immense expanse of Amazon rainforest.

The new park—which is larger than the Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks combined—strategically secures the final link in a 67 million-acre Andes-Amazon Conservation Corridor, forming one of the largest contiguous blocks of protected areas in the Amazon, and is vital to protecting one of the planet’s last remaining strongholds for wildlife biodiversity and indigenous communities.

The U.S. nonprofit organization Rainforest Trust in collaboration with Peruvian partner CEDIA (Center for the Development of an Indigenous Amazon) worked with local indigenous communities and Peru’s government to create the new national park. Its establishment ends a nine-year push for protection that has involved numerous NGOs and organizations in Peru and abroad. Rainforest Trust has supported the long-term costs of establishing and protecting the park.

The new park is not only important for the biodiversity it protects, but also for the carbon it stores. Approximately 1 billion tons of carbon—an amount equal to the average annual emissions of all vehicles on the road in the United States—is safely protected within the rainforests of the Sierra del Divisor and the adjacent White-Sands National Reserve, which has also been proposed for protection.

Considered one of Peru’s highest conservation priorities, the Sierra del Divisor has long been recognized for its superlative biodiversity.