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People, Culture and Lifestyle are Barbados’ Main Assets

Bridgetown.- In a three-minute travel video, Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia website, Barbados.org, proves with images why tourists comeback year after year to this nation so unique in the Caribbean: to enjoy its distinctively charming people, places and the ambiance.

The video, which can be watched at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxyFTAZEQQg, portraits Barbados elegance, its world class hotels, resorts and restaurants with their distinctive classic style. But it is the people, culture and lifestyle that make the island the favorite destination in the Caribbean for so many tourists.

Bajans, as Barbadians call themselves, are a distinct people that managed to outstand among their Caribbean neighbors economically, politically and socially.

From sugar and rum production to adopt sovereignty as a principle as early as in 1652, Barbados has pioneered many fields. The island ranks among the 20 best countries in the world in the United Nations quality of life index and fourth in literacy.

Barbados.org depicts original stories of Barbadians vendors, fishermen, rum shops, art, culture, carnival, nightlife, heritage, history, sugar and rum.