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TTC Special: Some good news for the Caribbean tourism

TTC Special: Some good news for the Caribbean tourism

By Frank Martin Good news is not as frequent as bad news for the Caribbean such as the aftermath of climate change or high oil prices. But the Caribbean tourist industry moves forward and therefore generates good news. Here are some: Cartagena, the beautiful colonial port city on the Caribbean ...

Mexico is the most popular travel destination of Americans

Its Official: Mexico increase 1.5% the income from international tourism

The U.S. National Travel and Tourism Office announced a record-setting 93 million departures in 2018, a six-percent increase over 2017. 45% of the 93 million Americans (41.8 million) traveled outside the United States flew to overseas destinations, a 9% increase from 2017. U.S. air travel to overseas markets (1) totaled ...

TTC Special: Caribbean worries about Climate Change

It's official: Caribbean tourism industry contends with climate change

By Frank Martin The Association of Caribbean States warned about the dangers of climate change in the region, in a meeting in Managua, Nicaragua. In the conference of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) the member states and associated territories, plus international observer organizations, agreed that the area is one of the ...

More tourists are flocking to the Bahamas than ever before

More tourists are flocking to the Bahamas than ever before

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation reported historic visitor numbers for 2018 and 2019, according to TravelPulse After the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, islands in the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, had to rebuild as tourists seemed to stay away shortly after the devastation. Many islands ...

Saint Lucia reports 1.2 million of tourists arrivals

Saint Lucia introduce a tourist accommodation fee

The government of Saint Lucia reported tourism arrivals increased in 2018 with 1.2 million tourists, including 800,000 cruise passengers and growth of 10.2 percent and expected through March 31, the influx of an additional 125,434 travellers. Minister for tourism, Dominic Fedee said that “everything possible is being done to ensure ...