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NH Capri Stands in the Heart of Modern Havana

Combining its style from the 1950s with the comfort and modernity of the 21st century, the emblematic NH Capri continues having a position among the principal European issuers to Cuba.

This classic of the Havana hotel and catering business is mainly positioned among guests from Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy and Switzerland.

Thanks to a sustained and efficient maintenance of all its areas, the NH Capri shines with similar splendor as in its reopening three years ago. Certain added courtesies to its product in this season, like a welcome cocktail for all clients and a free access card to the Internet for an hour, among other things, have been well received.

La Florentina Restaurant. Specializing in Italian and international cuisine. Located on the 18th floor, the hotel’s highest level, it is a first-rate space because of its exclusive service as well as for the impressive panoramic view of Havana.