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Medical tourism must be of high quality in Dominican Republic

Alejandro Cambiaso, third from left; Rafael Paz fourth from right. Photo: https://dominicantoday.com

Santo Domingo.- Rafael Paz, the executive director of The National Council on Competitiveness in Dominican Republic said that “the chain of value that drives medical tourism must be of high quality, reason for which it must count with the precise data that will allow favoring investment and to develop appropriate regulations and strategies, in the realm of a public-private alliance”.

According to Paz the Dominican tourism sector is one of the most competitive in the country, reason for which its diversification with specialized purpose, such as the medical sector, will increment best practices and transfer of new Technology.

Data of the Strategic Information Division of Competitiveness indicates that this year the international medical tourism sector reached 16 million tourists from the United States, who spent 373 thousand million dollars.

“We have identified six priorities: an excellent and strategic geographic position, more than 25 daily flights to the United States, specialized and highly qualified medical centers; there is no waiting cycle, the services represent less costs and we have a favorable environment for recovery”, he said.