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Jamaica Marijuana Tourism Goes Public

Bob Marley's house

Bob Marley’s house, in Nine Mile


Kingston.- Locally known as “ganja”, marijuana is illegal in Jamaica since 1913 but the prohibition has not stopped pot users from smoking a joint almost right in front of the nose of the police or growers from including their hidden cannabis plantations on illegal but tempting ganja tours.

According to the Associated Press, one of the most sought after tours is Nine Mile, hometown of reggae king, and famous pot-addict, Bob Marley.

Tours are arranged and conducted in secret, but they are offered just outside almost any resort. Visitors are often escorted by dreadlocked men and tours can cost up to 50 dollars.

Some sectors in Jamaica are advocating for legalizing consumption and commercialization of marijuana. Justice Minister Mark Golding said legalization efforts are “dynamic and evolving quickly”. “We will be reviewing the matter in light of the recent developments in this hemisphere,” he said.

Leading the pot decriminalizing and regulating efforts is the Ganja Law Reform Coalition, which is calling on an international conference in Kingston, this month.