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It’s official: UFI framework for reopening exhibitions

It's official: UFI framework for reopening exhibitions

Photo: kasto/123rf

UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, published in Paris a global framework aimed at the safe and controlled reopening of exhibitions and B2B trade events around the world. The document is intended to become a de facto standard in exchanges with policy makers and authorities around the world.

The framework is put together by a specialist taskforce of partners and industry leaders, whose operational recommendations reflect emerging regulatory conditions around the world. It provides an advocacy narrative on why exhibitions must be prioritised for reopening, which UFI is counting on industry stakeholders to endorse.

All aspects of exhibition design and delivery are accommodated in the framework, ranging from the event environment to a wholesale reconsideration of the customer journey. It sets out to provide governments and health authorities around the world with the information they require to confidently green-light exhibitions once again.

“The ability of associations to lead and help foster discussion and debate across whole industries makes us central to a crisis such as the outbreak of Covid-19,” says UFI President Mary Larkin.

Source: Travel Daily News International