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It’s official:  Round of business for tourism in Havana

La Habana (foto Pixabay)

La Habana (foto Pixabay)

A round of business deals for tourism was convened in Cuba for September 28 and 29 to boost the potential of the national tourism industry.

One of the objectives of the event is “to contribute to the substitution of imports in the tourism industry in Havana,” the organizers reported.

The participants will be representatives of state entities, local development projects, micro, small and medium enterprises, non-agricultural cooperatives, private workers and other specialists.

With the development of this event, the Cuban government and tourism institutions will try to “identify production possibilities and services in areas such as food (fresh and canned), maintenance of refrigeration, climate and computer equipment, cleaning and hygiene supplies. , and others of interest.

There are 79 hotels of various categories operating in the Cuban capital, with 13,122 rooms, in addition to around a hundred other facilities and support centers.

A development plan that will end in 2030 foresees the operation of 36 new hotels and a total of 13,839.



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