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It’s official: Iberostar participates in Medical Tourism Fair in Cuba

Iberostar-Feria-Salud-Cuba-foto-Iberostar (foto TTC)

Iberostar-Feria-Salud-Cuba-foto-Iberostar (foto TTC)

The Spanish company Iberostar Hotels & Resorts was present in the First International Medical Tourism and Wellness Fair held at the Pabexpo fairgrounds in Havana.

This lodging company is participating jointly in the meeting with the Cuban Ministries of Public Health (MINSAP), Tourism (MINTUR), and the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A.

During his presentation at the event, Iberostar’s Marketing Director in the country, Alexis Torres, acknowledged the island’s values, such as its sun and beach locations, culture, and people, and emphasized the work of its scientists, doctors, health, and science personnel that make it a safe destination.

Iberostar presented some of its lines of action that favor the health and well-being of visitors, such as the “Aliveness” to reconnect with nature and the environment.

Another of the company’s proposals is Honest Food, for the choice of authentic, fresh, natural, and seasonal products, with homemade gastronomic recipes.

The Fair is held under the theme of Universal Health as part of the 2030 agenda in a post-Covid-19 context.

The purpose of the meeting is to showcase products, experiences, and advances in health tourism in Cuba and the world to consolidate alliances and lay new paths for the sustainable development of this modality.

In addition, the meeting will develop the I International Seminar on Medical Tourism and Wellness to deepen and exchange knowledge on health travel to Cuba and trends in this field in the world.

Source: Prensa Latina Cuban news agency

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