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It’s official: China spring-festival in eco-friendly mode

It's official: China spring-festival in eco-friendly mode

Photo: szefei/123rf

The celebrating Spring Festival or Chinese Lunar New Year has been more and more eco-friendly in recent times, with a greater number of people becoming eco-conscious.

Xinhua News agency explained in an article that saying no to wildlife products, eating well and cherishing food, wasting less, and choosing tour packages that do not encourage animal cruelty the Spring Festival holiday setting new trends for most important festivity of the year.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, the family usually sits around the table to enjoy a large meal, but Song Keming, from Changyuan, a rural district located on the lower course of the Yellow River in central Henan Province, plans to patrol the vast wetlands until the morning sun rises — just like every other day of the past 20 years.

Song and his team of 300 volunteers have been protecting migratory birds and wildlife on this wetland reserve against illegal poaching. When Spring Festival comes near, poachers become more reckless, applying poisoned baits, nets and traps to hunt anything to sell.

Festival eating is all about “eating well”. Back when the economy was less prosperous and per capita incomes were low, only those who could not afford meat would try capturing wild animals as a substitute.

In China, much progress has been observed. For example, extravagance in collective meals has diminished, and it is more common for consumers to finish everything on their plate or to take away the leftover, said Jin Zhonghao, program director with WWF China.