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It’s official: Caribbean national heritage protection

It's official: Caribbean national heritage protection

Photo: Andrii Yalanskyi/123RF

Barbados’ Ambassador to the United Nations, Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Thompson has called on Caribbean countries to develop policies for the production and protection of national heritage, in search of sustainable tourism.

During the opening conference of the annual meeting of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), Thompson called for an economy of solidarity, with social and environmental projections aimed at improving the lives of all citizens.

‘The heritage and natural goods built are the core of the hope and practice of sustainability and should be reflected in our tourism product,’ he said.

The Barbadian representative referred in her speech to the five global megatrends that impact tourism: reinvented consumption, distributed power, revolutionary data, restructured life and improved reality.

In that sense, the diplomat stressed that such thinking is at the heart of the solidarity economy and that ‘the idea of living sustainably is profitable, good for the planet and for those who live on it.’

She invited governments to develop truly sustainable and community and culture-oriented tourism products in their national plans.

Under the theme ‘Keeping the Right Balance,’ the 26 member states of the CTO discussed in this capital forms of exchange and cooperation, with emphasis on product diversification to enhance sustainability in the region.

Source: Prensa Latina