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It’s official. 12 International Nature Tourism Event

 It's official. 12 International Nature Tourism Event

By hosting last week, the 12 International Nature Tourism Event (Turnat 2019), Cuba caught the attention of important specialists from around the world, organizers said.

The commercial director of the Ecotur agency, Rafael Longino, added that meeting in the south-central region from September 24 to 28 was Cuba’s most important on this type of nature tourism.

Turnat 2019 Cuba paid a particular emphasis on the Ciénaga de Zapata (largest swamp area in the Caribbean), in Matanzas province, next to Sancti Spíritus and Cienfuegos, where the event closing took place.

Organizers have registered approximately 2000 specialists from 15 countries, which transforms this meeting into one of the most outstanding in the Caribbean and much of Latin America.

For six days, attendees also participated in talks and interviews, on eight routes or trails, dedicated to different specialties such as the Cañoning or Cayoning (for the first time), fishing, diving, hiking, kayaking and agrotourism.

Turnat covered 10,860 kilometers of routes for the different groups, with particular attraction for experts in ecotourism, trails, rural tourism, as well as managers and tour operators.

Source: Forbes