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It’s official: 101 reasons why Dominican Republic is great

Miami, U.S.- The book “101 reasons why Dominican Republic is great” was presented in Miami last week hosted by the Tourism Ministry and News Group, parent company of the Santo Domingo Times magazines and Shine Magazine.

The project began in 2010 as a collection magazine, but became what it is today five years later: 248 pages which celebrate Dominican Republic´s culture, natural resources, personalities, destinations and cuisine, said his author Evelyn Betancourt.

“As a foreigner I had a completely different vision as that of Dominicans because I see things which for those born here are normal and to me seemed fascinating; then one day I got the idea for that ‘count’ and even in a hand-written note I wrote the first 40 reasons,” Efe reports quoting Betancourt, who lives in Santo Domingo for nearly 20 years.

“Dominicans understand the product at once, it´s a mental journey that begins in January with the traditional climb to Pico Duarte, through the visit to the Basilica at Higuey, the ‘friíto’ (little nip) of Constanza, the sancocho (stew) of that period, with humpback whales, the summer with its Presidente beer and ending in December with the peculiar Dominican Christmas”, she said.

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