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Italians Prefer Cuba


More than 134,400 Italians chose this Caribbean destination to enjoy their vacations, 45% more than in all of 2015, which turns the European country into the second issuer of tourists to the island and the fourth on a global level.

In statements to Prensa Latina news agency, Aleida Castellanos, Tourism Counselor of the Cuban Embassy in Italy, explained that while the Italian tourists who visit the island previously concentrated mainly on sun and beach, today they want to get to know the country’s history, to make contact with the people and visit several provinces, in addition to the capital.

According to the official, today Cuba is visited by many Italian couples and families, and cited among the attractions of the Caribbean country the safety, heritage wealth, nature, an extraordinary people, and more than 300 beautiful beaches. She defined the largest of the Caribbean islands as “an ideal spot for relaxing.”

The specialist highlighted the empathy between the two peoples, and said that close to 90 per cent of the Italians who visit Cuba want to return and go home with an unforgettable memory of their vacations.

In that sense, she underlined that the record of visits is very high, and according to the tourism bureau’s registry in Rome there are couples who have visited the island more than 50 times.