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Havana Club and Habanos, two of Cuban culture’s soulmates

Havana Club and Habanos, two of Cuban culture’s soulmates

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No doubt they are made for each other. The Master of Masters Habanos Sommelier Juan Jesús Machín is not mistaken when he describes the combination of both products as an example of authentic Cubanness.

It is precisely the pairings of the best cigars in the world and Havana Club’s Super Premium rums that are the focus of the intense program of activities of the Asia and Habanos meeting, a specialized event convened by Empresa Caracol S.A. and sponsored by Havana Club International S.A. and Corporación Habanos S.A.

The possibility of meeting face to face with the Asia segment is very important for the world of Habanos and Cuban rums, affirms Juan Jesús Machín.

The expert considers that it is an opportunity to enhance knowledge about Cuban rums, less known in that market, and to reinforce the Asian clients’ high regard for Cuban cigars.

A Bolívar Royal Corona Habano, with the Havana Club 15 years, belonging to the brand’s Iconic Collection, was one of the proposals. Why the selection? It is a spirit that represents the country’s rum tradition, has the taste of Cuba: fruits, woody tones, roasted expressions with cocoa and coffee subtleties also found in our Habanos, so it is a great pairing, says the specialist.

Along with the tasting and purchase of Habanos, participants have been able to buy bottles of Havana Club with the privilege of their being signed by Cuban Rum Master Asbel Morales, a much appreciated incentive.

The meeting’s activities will also include a tour of a tobacco plantation in Pinar del Río, considered the land of the best tobacco in the world; a very special pairing with Havana Club Unión; another link of an Habano with Pacto Navío, another of the brands of spirits marketed by the Havana Club International S.A. company; and participatory fairs of Cuban cocktails.

A deluxe program that has met the expectations of customers, who have expressed their satisfaction for having the opportunity to learn more about Cuban cigars and rums, another link joining them to Cuba.

Havana Club and Habanos

The complements in the mouth, the strength of the Habano and the complexity of the drink, that is, its richness in aromas and flavors, are taken into account for the pairing, the expert comments.

Although Havana Club shines on its own, it can always be accompanied by an Habano with which it is complemented in taste and delight for the palate. Although each consumer can choose their own pairings according to their preferences, professional criteria can serve as a guide. Juan Jesús Machín gives his suggestions. He explains that an ideal pairing is between the Havana Club Unión, designed to taste with the Cohíba Siglo VI, although the combination with the Cohíba Línea Maduro 5 is also exquisite.

With the Havana Club Máximo, Machín recommends the Behíque brand, “glamor with glamor,” he says; and the Selección de Maestros is in perfect harmony with the Partagás, Ramón Allones and Bolívar Habanos.

On the other hand, the different limited editions of Havana Club Tributo open up a little more the range of possibilities according to their essences so they can be combined very well with medium-to-strong Habanos.

Although it doesn’t belong to the brand’s Iconic Collection, the Havana Club Añejo 7 years, the foundational rum, perfect for pairing with medium flavors such as Romeo y Julieta and the Habanos Punch, deserves a special place.