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Port of Genoa, one of the Gastaldi’s terminals.


Gastaldi & C. Spa is a company controlled by GASTALDI HOLDING, which for more than 10 years has been the general agent of Melfi Marine Corporation for Italy, and provides for the purchase of goods loaded on Melfi Marine’s full-containers line ships, with service to/from Italy and Cuba.

GASTALDI HOLDING is active in the fields of transportation, container terminal in the ports of Genoa, Voltri, Livorno, Venice, multimodal transportation, tourism and travel; a solid group that is waiting with interest for the opportunity to invest in a country like Cuba.

The special zone and the new port of Mariel are an interesting development opportunity for the country to attract companies like GASTALDI HOLDING, which have the experience, know-how, organization to be able to develop synergies with Cuban companies and/or with its own structure to acquire new traffic routes, new lines of maritime transportation, using the relations it has established with the most important world groups in the sector of transportation and the entire maritime cluster.

GASTALDI HOLDING, according to the laws of the Republic of Cuba, is preparing all the documentation required by the authorities to be able to get the permit to open a branch of Gastaldi & C. Spa in Havana.

For more information visit: www.gastaldi.it