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FITUR TALENT Poses Three Tourism Innovation Challenges

FITUR TALENT is a special-interest space at FITUR focusing on people, their skills and professional training. In its second edition this year, there is a new initiative for promoting talent by looking for solutions to three tourism innovation challenges posed by Paradores, Malaga Tourism, and SunCruise Andalusia.

The event, organised in partnership with Tourism Data-Driven Solutions (TDDS), is aimed at final year undergraduate, postgraduate or Master’s students from universities, research centres and business schools, and multidisciplinary groups are especially welcome.


Paradores is looking for a design for a business intelligence system to grow its Amigos de Paradores (Friends of Paradores) loyalty programme, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Malaga Tourism is seeking solutions for managing the ways tourists disperse across the city. The aim is to avoid overcrowding at specific points in the historic city centre by creating new tourist interest points across the city.

The Andalusian Ports Association, SUNCRUISE, is looking for innovative solutions using data-driven and business intelligence models to enable it to set up a tourism intelligence unit for integrated analysis of cruise tourism and the cruise passenger experience. Specifically, projects should aim to complement SUNCRUISE Andalusia’s planned Tourism Intelligence System.

The tool should allow it to visualise data in real time, with a module for the cruise passengers’ behaviour.

The five finalist projects will be selected considering the following evaluation criteria, among others:

The project’s potential and how well it meets the challenge.

How well it can be replicated by other, similar bodies.

The project’s development potential.

Multidisciplinary team (for example, technology, business, digitalisation, marketing, tourism, data analytics, innovation)

How well it contributes to using technology in the solution.

The timescale for implementing the pilot project.

Applications will be accepted from 27th March to 27th April 2021.

Once the proposal submission period has closed, the CHALLENGE organising team will select up to five projects per challenge to be presented to a specialist jury. Team members will be drawn from FITUR, TDDS, SUNCRUISE, Paradores, Malaga City Council, together with independent experts.

This presentation will take place on 21st May 2021 in the Talent Forum space at FITUR, located in Hall 10 of IFEMA. The winning project will receive a prize consisting of an internship at the headquarters of SUNCRUISE Andalucía, Paradores or Malaga City Council to develop the solution presented.

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