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Empresa Comercial Caracol S.A. Renews its Image in Varadero

Empresa Comercial Caracol S.A. Renews its Image in Varadero

Part of the investments carried out in the beach resort of Varadero include the reform of the Plaza América Convention Center, where the more than 20 establishments that Tiendas Caracol has for the commercialization of exclusive and representative products of traditional Cuban culture are also being renewed.

Under the premise of customer satisfaction, Tiendas Caracol specializes in the retail marketing of merchandise with a differentiated, exclusive and quality offer of Imagen Cuba and Souvenir products, the usual sun and beach products, and other brands of recognized international prestige, among other high-quality services.

The El Monarca Casa del Habano is another of the representative exponents of the company that will also show a superior image and comfort.

Likewise, between 62nd and 64th streets in Varadero, a boulevard with interior passages is being prepared that will allow free transit, called to become an important recreational center. The new seven-hectare space will have varied commercial and gastronomic offers, and will show visitors flagship Cuban products such as coffee, cigars and rum in their respective Casas of the Empresa Comercial Caracol S.A.

Cuba has a rich history in the cultivation of coffee, which has become one of the main export products today and one of the most recognized internationally. The first coffee trees arrived on the island in 1748 through Havana merchant José Antonio Gelabert, who began cultivating them near Havana. Other historians, mainly of Hispanic origin, place the arrival of the coffee beans in Cuba in 1769 from San Juan de Puerto Rico. The truth is that at the end of the 18th century there was a great explosion in the cultivation of coffee in Cuban lands to turn what is now called Pure Cuban Coffee into one of the country’s main commercial products and a brand of excellence recognized worldwide.

In addition to its exclusive products, Cuba has countless attractions that go beyond its offer of sun and beach. Its nature, heritage, culture, sports, adventure also draw visitors’ attention, for which the national tourism industry has established efficient biosafety protocols, a context in which Tiendas Caracol has readied the opening and development of new stores and products to please the most demanding tastes of its customers.

The strength of a safe destination like Varadero is due to the hygienic and sanitary measures adopted by the Ministry of Tourism, advised by the Public Health portfolio, and international entities, and which have been implemented with discipline and on time to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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