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Dominican Republic: Tourist Police Becomes Specialized Corps


Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).- The Ministries of Defense and Tourism signed a collaboration agreement and presented in December the new Tourist Security Specialized Corps (CESTUR), formerly called Tourist Police (POLITUR), with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the Integral Tourist Security Strategic Plan being promoted by the government.

The new No. 139-13 Organic Law of the Armed Forces transformed the Tourist Police – created by presidential decree in December 2000 as a department of the Ministry of Tourism – into the Security Specialized Corps, dependent on the Ministry of Defense. Thus CESTUR is now one of the Defense Corps for National Security created by this law, which defines them as “specialized working units, made up by chosen members of the military institutions, with the aim of providing security and protection in certain strategic areas vital for guaranteeing national interests.”

Brigade General Amilcar Fernández, director of the CESTUR, recalled that article 261 of the Constitution (in the text approved in 2010) envisages the constitution of Public Security or Defense Corps by the National Congress at the request of the President of the Republic, “when national interest so requires it.”

He highlighted that in the current socioeconomic reality “tourism in the Dominican Republic represents a vital part of the economy, having a prioritized place on the agenda for national development, which turns it into a matter of national security and defense.”

Fernández recalled that in the new management and strategic vision model of the Armed Forces…, “starting 1975 the Airport and Civil Aeronautics Security Specialized Corps (CESAC) was created, which maintains the security standards demanded by the Organization of Civil Aviation.”

Afterwards, different security specialized corps (with the acronyms of CESEP, CESFRONT, CESMET and CECOM) have emerged “to protect and defend the vital parts of the economy and guarantee the sustainable development of the nation in an atmosphere of peace,” the general said.

The director of CESTUR explained that the Integral Tourist Security Strategic Plan was approved by the Ministry of Defense and drawn up in consultation with the Ministry of Tourism and the private tourist sector. It is based on the training, modernization and development of the working and logistic capacity.

Also present at the presentation ceremony were Minister of Defense Admiral Sigfrido A. Pared Pérez; Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier García; and the president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES), Luis Emilio Rodríguez.

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