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Dominican Punta Cana Group will invest $200M in Haiti

V Cumbre Prensa y Turismo

Port Au Prince.- The Dominican Punta Cana Group will invest $200M in Haiti, was announced during the “V Cumbre Prensa y Turismo” June 13 to 15 in Holidays Vacation Resort in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic where Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, the Haitian Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries (MTIC) participated as a guest of honor.

The participants including journalists, civil servants, businessmen Dominicans and foreigners and representatives of the tourism sector. Punta Cana Group, will invest 200 million U.S. dollars in Haiti, in the tourism development project of the Region of Côtes-de-fer, mentioning in particular the construction of a private airport.

The Punta Cana Group has already come to Haiti in March 2013, to present a project of development of the destination Francisco Javier García Fernández, the Dominican Minister of Toursim praised the “courage and preparation” of the Minister Villedrouin and predicted that Haiti will experience “a great start” of its tourism through investments that begin, to the natural sites and historical heritage that this country has.

Source: SL/ HaitiLibre