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Animal Planet discoverss Panams eco-tourism

The fauna and flora of Bocas del Toro, the Darién jungle and other parts of Panama will be premiered in a documentary in 2020 on the Animal Planet channel. It will be presented by Nigel Marven, who is also producer and director, of a series of programs about Central America ...

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For Caribbean nations, climate change means shrinking populations

To visitors, Vieques, the small island community off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, looks much the way it did before Hurricanes Irma and Maria wreaked havoc in September 2017. Business is booming at the bar and hostel Stephanie Latona manages, a colorful beachside shack popular among visitors. Federal relief ...

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Spain is expected to replace the U.S. as traveler’s second choice

Each year, the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization puts out an analysis of international tourism growth in destinations around the world, and preliminary figures for 2016 already reveal global tourism has increased as much as 7% percent worldwide, with France and Spain taking the lead.

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