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Cuba: Magical, mystery tour to Viñales valley

TTC Service. The mountains surrounding the Valley of Viñales, in western Cuba, are small and stout as the Indian gods. The twisty road gradually penetrate into the valley, where reign the “hummocks” (Mogotes in spanish), a large variety of shapes, like gods gathered in war to protect the valley.

The valley in the Pinar del Rio province is encircled by mountains and its landscape is interspersed with dramatic rocky outcrops. The Viñales valley is an outstanding karst landscape in which traditional methods of agriculture (notably tobacco growing) have survived unchanged for several centuries.

The region also preserves a rich vernacular tradition in its architecture, its crafts, and its music.

In Viñales Valley, about 300 kilometers west of Havana, you can find numerous caves. La Cueva del Indio is special. It was discovered by accident by a farmer in the Rancho San Vicente. The underground river which crosses the cave its looks like the hell entrance described by Dante. But the place is actually a quiet and cool paradise. You might think that Caronte  boat will appear to carry us. But there are no ghosts in  Cueva del Indio.

The numerous caves are scattered on the slopes of the hillocks in the Viñales Valley were inhabited for many centuries before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. The caves contain ammonite fossils.

The village of Viñales, strung out along its main street, has retained its original layout, and there are many interesting examples of colonial architecture. The valley is home to an original culture, a synthesis of contributions from indigenous peoples, Spanish conquerors and black slaves.

In the Valley of Two Sisters, only a few kilometers from the town center of Viñales is, between hummocks the Mural of Prehistory, painted on one of those little mountains. It shows the evolution of life in Cuba. It is on a hillside and is 120 meters high and 160 meters long. It was fully painted by brush. You can see images of prehistoric animals that inhabited the valley.

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