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Cuba consolidates ties with the Caribbean

Cuba consolidates ties with the Caribbean

Photo: caricom.cubaminrex.cu

Cuba on Monday consolidates historical ties with the nations of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), in the context of the 47th anniversary of relations between the West Indian island and the regional bloc.

In Bahamas, the Cuban ambassador, Alejandro Garcia held a meeting with representatives of the local government, health and education collaborators, as well as residents of the Commonwealth, to commemorate the 45 years of bilateral friendship.

During the meeting, Bahamas attorney general Carl W. Bethel highlighted the mutual benefit in relationships and mentioned the prestige achieved in the last 20 years by Cuban teachers, particularly those who help children with special educational needs.

In his words, Bethel thanked the solidarity of Cuba. Currently, more than 60 Cuban cooperators work in this country, including educators, pharmacists, electro-medic engineers and representatives of the Habanatur tourism agency and the Nickel marketing company.

Currently, Cuba has diplomatic missions in the 14 member states of the community and they in turn are represented in Havana in the same number.

Source: Prensa Latina