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Costa Rica: drop in Covid-19 cases

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Costa Rica ministry of Health reports that for epidemiological week 39, which ran from September 26 to October 2, 12,490 new cases of COVID-19 were registered, a drop of 21.6% from the previous week, week 38, which ran from September 19 to 25, with 15,941 cases.

The average of daily cases is now 1,784.

However, while there was a drop in new cases, epidemiological week 39 recorded the highest number of deaths associated with of COVID-19.

For the week of September 26 to October 2, there were 227 deaths, while, from September 19 to 25, there were 223 deaths, this represents an increase of 1.8% in mortality week to week and gives us a daily average of 32 people who lose their lives related to COVID-19.

During epidemiological week 39, the average number of hospitalized cases was 1,330, while the average for week 38 was 1,340 admitted cases, showing a decrease of 0.7% in total hospitalizations. Similarly, epidemiological week 39 registered 805 hospital admissions and 906 for week 38, this represents a decrease of 11.1% in new hospital admissions.

Specifically, for Tuesday, October 5, 1,506 new cases were registered, 28 deaths and 1,276 people remain hospitalized, 21 in private centers and 1,255 in the public system, of which 444 are in the ICU.

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