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Coronavirus: Caution in Cuba about tourism reopen

Coronavirus: Caution in Cuba about tourism reopen

The Cuban Ministry of Tourism has developed a special campaign for the pandemic period.

By Frank Martin

TTC Service.- Cuba became very cautious about dangers of reopening its borders to international tourism in nowadays universal pandemic conditions.

So national authorities have decided that the best thing is modify the national health rules system for a new era in the leisure industry.

The island authorities believe the sanitary caution will be essential when tourists arrivals resumes.

According to the Cuban tourism ministry there are two fields that are crucial in that new era: the national security and tourism national industry future.

An official statement announced that tourism facilities and hygiene protocols most be “improved” before resumes activities.

Worldwide tourism entities, airlines, hotel chains, governments and experts are in favor change many rules related to health care in international tourism.

Authorities are preparing new healthcare measures about air and sea transport, accommodation and entertainment venues which should include not only arriving travelers, but also local personnel who serve them.

Studies worldwide indicate that the will in destinations to offer good and comfortable stays to their clients will persist, but new practices are need.

Airlines are expected to change its rules in order to avoid possible health incidents in short or longer trips.
In this regard if Covid-19 become endemic may be necessary air passenger cabins new designs in order to avoid contagions.

Even international luxury hotels are studying additional measures, such disinfection, new hygiene rules, and rapid tests for all clients before check in.

Some experts believe that periods of medical isolation should not be ruled out over people arriving.
Cuba has not yet given details about its plans in this regards.

But island’s tourism sector is crucial for the country’s national income and will surely be preserved without harming tourist health security, experts said.

The Cuban Ministry of Tourism has already emphasized that current situation demands an improve of hotel and other facilities.

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