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Climate change affecting Caribbean tourism industry

Basseterre, St Kitts.-  The devastating effects of climate change are affecting the tourism-dependent economies of the Caribbean wrote expert Desmond Brown in an article in Internet.


“Key players in the Caribbean tourism industry are warning that it’s time to shift gears away from the region’s threatened coastlines and instead promote inland attractions like biodiversity!,  Brown  underlined.

According to the expert, climate change is one of the things that is affecting the hotel industry, and the fact that most of our hotels are right on the beaches (means) they are subject to violent storms, the frequency of which has been projected to increase due to climate change issues.

Hotelier and social entrepreneur Valmiki Kempadoo told IPS news agency that outside of Trinidad and maybe a large country like Jamaica, tourism is by far the largest economic driver of these smaller islands and we have to seek new solutions, new business models that could take this thing into the 21st century.

Kempadoo is urging his regional counterparts to move their properties away from the beaches, noting that in light of the effects of climate change having a hotel at 500 feet or 1,000 feet above sea level can help in that general direction.

He said while the Caribbean is known best for its beaches, there are also lots of other experiences the different islands can offer. The climate away from the beaches is much better. It s an incredibly fertile place where can grow all these amazing exotic tropical fruits and vegetables that we have a world class collection of, he said.

A recent State of the Industry Conference, held here Oct. 10-12, was facilitated by the region’s tourism development agency, the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).

Secretary General Hugh Riley told delegates the Caribbean is experiencing the toughest economic conditions since the Great Depression. He urged hoteliers and other tourism stakeholders to assemble all the creativity, discipline and collective resources they have and use them wisely for the good of the region.