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Barbuda and Dominica must ‘build back better’

U.N. Assistant Secretary-General Jessica Faieta. Photo: Freya Morales

Bogota.-  U.N. Assistant Secretary-General Jessica Faieta said that rebuilding the Caribbean islands of Dominica and Barbuda, ravaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria, is an opportunity to “build back better” and limit the impact of future disasters.

As Hurricane Irma barreled toward the island, all of the 1,800 residents of Barbuda were evacuated to neighboring Antigua, but the storm destroyed most of its buildings and agriculture. In Dominica, Category 5 Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 18, claiming the lives of 15 people and affecting most of the small island’s population of 73,000 people. Recovery efforts are now focused on providing aid to people in shelters, restoring power and clearing the debris.

Source: Reuters