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Barbados expects increase of arrivals in winter

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According to Barbados’ Minister of Tourism and International Transport Senator Lisa Cummins, “We expect that number [passengers] will increase as the winter season is expected to be extended by an additional month. .

The expectation is that with climate change and Europe remaining colder for longer, the ships are finding that potentially they will stay in the Caribbean for at least another month and the expectation is that we could hit at least 850 000 passengers by the end of the cruise season.”

Minister Cummins noted that following a bleak summer period in Barbados, “we are expecting to have a total over the course of the year of 390 vessel calls, taking us up to 739,557 passengers.”

Read more: https://today.caricom.org/2022/09/19/winter-tourism-season-expected-to-be-extended-by-one-month-caricom-business/

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