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Americans Would Only Spend 6 Dollars to Skip to the Front of Security Lines at Airports


Beverly Hills, Calif.- Despite they do complaint about waiting in security lines at airports, the average American would only spend over 6 dollars to skip to the front, according to a Google survey.

Over 1,000 consumers nationwide pointed to that amount when asked “At the airport, how much would you be willing to pay to skip to the front of the security line next time you travel?”

Curtis Greenwood, CEO of LuxuryLogistics, the Beverly Hills travel and concierge sponsoring the study, thinks the outcome is the reflection of the economic uncertainty prevailing among Americans.

For travelers wanting VIP treatment on a low budget, there good news, according to Greenwood. “While mostly unknown to the general public, there are actually several low-cost programs which offer travelers VIP perks such as skipping lines at the airport.”

Greenwood said that among such programs is the NEXUS program, which “affords travelers special, expedited travel when traveling between the United States and Canada.”

The survey found that travelers under the age of 55 are willing to pay 6.70 dollars vs. 5.50 dollars for those over 55. Results also revealed that wealthier travelers, those earning over 100,000 dollars a year are willing to pay 11.80 dollars vs. 5.90 dollars for those earning less than 100,000 dollars.

Greenwood said that airports and airlines can capitalize on this information, by offering separate VIP travel perks tailored to these two different segments.

“One class of perks should be geared toward younger, busier, and arguably more impatient travelers who may not have the budget for full door-to-door VIP treatment, but still value things like the opportunity to bypass lines, and a second, premium class of VIP perks geared toward wealthier travelers, who also tend to be older.”