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Air Europa Expands Its Connection with Europe

Air Europa Expands Its Connection with Europe

For Air Europa this 2018 is a year of expansion and consolidation. This year the airline will strengthen its connection between the Americas and Europe and will add new European destinations, to which passengers can have access with a comfortable and fast connection from the Madrid hub.

In late March Air Europa inaugurated its new route to Venice and in June it will incorporate the German city of Düsseldorf. With both, the airline affords passengers, on their arrival in Madrid, connections to more than 30 European destinations and, in turn, contributes to increasing European tourism to Cuba.

Air Europa’s flight distribution center has become consolidated as one of the fastest in the world with an average connection time of 70 minutes.

To the company’s expansion, in new destinations as well as in the increase in frequencies to European and Latin American countries, must be added its bet on improving the onboard products and services and guaranteeing passengers’ maximum comfort so they can enjoy a unique experience on all flights.

The Globalia air division maintains its firm bet on Cuba on whose route last year it transported more than 200,000 passengers and reached an occupancy rate of 94%, a figure that is proof of the good performance it is registering. The Airbus 330-200, with a capacity for 299 passengers, which operates the route daily, lands in Madrid at noon guaranteeing with that schedule a perfect connection with the rest of the airline’s destinations.

The Airbus 330-200 has WiFi and Streaming service onboard through which clients can visualize on their personal devices a great variety of audiovisual content. Moreover, it also has USB chargers for each passenger with which they can charge their respective electronic devices during the flight.

This improvement, which is being extended to the entire Airbus fleet, also forms part of the modernization and efficiency plan being carried out by the Globalia air division in order to improve its clients’ experience onboard.