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30 Years… Cuba’s Art

30 Years… Cuba’s Art

Thirty years promoting and marketing the very best of Cuban Art, that is the advertising campaign to be launched by Cuban holding Artex S.A. Promociones Artísticas y Literarias, starting on April 1, to celebrate three decades of work.

The announcement was issued by Marta Caballero Martinez, Vice President of Image and Development, who explained that the campaign’s list of objectives includes the anniversary celebration of agencies, artists, bands and projects. Some of them are Adalberto Alvarez’s 45 years of artistic career; 30 years of NG La Banda and Charanga Habanera; Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco’s 25th anniversary; 20 years of Azúcar Negra and Waikiki Banda Show; 10 years of Emilio Morales y los nuevos amigos; as well as the 67th anniversary of “Benny Moré” Salón Rosado de la Tropical Cultural Center; Submarino Amarillo’s 7th and Enguayabera’s 3rd.

It is important to highlight the 15th anniversary of Arte en Casa project, the leading line of products that engulfs an array of objects, which have been decorated by using artworks created by Cuban artists, with the aim set on international travelers and domestic market.

The celebrations are joined by Artistic Representation Agencies Musicalia with 25 years and Clave Cubana with 20; as well as Bis Music Record Company, which celebrates its 25th anniversary.

he celebration schedule includes several mega concerts, the Third Gastronomic Cultural Festival and 13th World Meeting of Casino and Salsa Dancers and Academies, 2018 Baila en Cuba; as well as half a century of emblematic Juan Formell’s Van Van.

Artex S.A, besides being a marketing company involved in export operations to contribute to the nation’s social development, is highly responsible and socially committed, with cultural events hosted by its cultural centers, which foster the interaction with the community. Some of these centers are Fontanar cultural facility, in Boyeros municipality, and Enguayabera, in Alamar, East Havana.

Over the past 30 years, the Cuban holding has stood out for the quality of its business portfolio, the development of the music industry with artistic performance and live shows, exclusive contracts and international tours.

Its catalog has been so successful because it shows the most autochthonous elements of Cuban music in terms of albums and audiovisual products, commercialization, music selection, licenses and co-productions.

In over 90 cultural centers throughout the country, people enjoy son, pop rock, trova and jazz, as well as exclusive gastronomic service.

As for people who love literature, Artex, by means of its Ediciones Cubanas publishing company, launches works written by Cuban and international authors in several languages, with attractive collection designs, provides specialized services related to editorial rights, co-edition with foreign entities and book retail and wholesale.

It offers art-related technical and professional services to different regions of the world, investments for PhD, diploma courses, workshops, consultancies, online interactive courses and master lectures with internationally renowned specialists.
Paradiso, its tourism agency, offers several options to experience an interesting tour through Cuban culture, excursion programs, visits to heritage, historic or natural sites with specialized guides and complementary services, so visitors can be in touch with different expressions of art and culture on the island.

A comprehensive program of actions has been conceived by this company, the main promoter and marketer of Cuban art, which includes events hosted by over 250 stores throughout the country, cultural centers, sales outlets and Paradiso’s offices in different territories, provincial branches and agencies and divisions in Havana.

Artex S.A, Head Office:
5ta Ave. no. 8010 e/ 80 y 82, Miramar, Havana, Cuba.
Tel. (53)72045462
Email: infoartex@artex.cu